Laser Vision Eye Centre

LASIK - Laser Vision Eye Centre.


The most popular Laser Vision Correction procedure, with rapid painless visual recovery.

SMILE - Laser Vision Eye Centre.


The latest development in Laser Vision Correction. A flapless pain-free procedure, ideal for getting back to sports activities rapidly.


The solution to age-related need for reading glasses, developed exclusively by Zeiss.

LASEK - Laser Vision Eye Centre.

Advanced Surface Ablation

Laser Vision Correction for when your cornea is too thin for LASIK or SMILE.


A slowly progressive condition in which the cornea, the clear round window at the front of eye, becomes weaker and bulges forward.

Whether you are struggling to see objects in the distance (short-sightedness) or close up (long-sightedness) or now need reading glasses (presbyopia), Laser Vision Eye Centre can improve your vision.

Laser eye surgery has been a treatment option for over 25 years and is the world’s most frequently performed elective procedure. It is a great alternative to spectacles or contact lenses which can be costly and frustrating. At Laser Vision Eye Centre we provide the latest Laser Vision Correction procedures, including SMILE and Presbyond.

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