Laser Vision Eye Centre


£ 1850 per eye
  • 0% credit available


£ 1950 per eye
  • 0% credit available


£ 2250 per eye
  • 0% credit available

Advanced Surface Ablation

£ 1850 per eye
  • 0% credit available

Our pricing

Our prices are transparent which means there are no hidden extras. These are inclusive of all appointments before treatment, diagnostic tests, medications and a year of aftercare as required, including enhancements.

We provide an initial screening appointment without charge or obligation to proceed. At this appointment you can find out whether you are suitable for treatment.

If you are suitable and wish to proceed with treatment a second appointment will be organised at which you will have further investigations and surgery will be planned. In order to schedule this appointment a fee of £195 is required; this is deducted from the cost of your laser treatment. Should you be found unsuitable for treatment at this appointment, the full fee of £195 will be refunded.  

The next appointment will typically be for your Laser Vision Correction.

If you are considering a loan for the procedure, Nuffield Health can offer a personal medical loan through a third party with 0% for 6 or 10 months. Alternatively, if you wish to spread the cost over 5 years, a typical low interest loan (7%) could cost as little as £77 per month for SMILE to both eyes.

For more information contact our team on 02381 810001 to discuss your options.